Volunteer Spotlight with Shalin Desai, AB'05, Programming Chair

Volunteer Spotlight Q&A Series

As part of a new series highlighting some of our Boston-area Alumni volunteers, we proudly present our first Volunteer Spotlight, featuring our very own Programming Chair, Shalin Desai, AB'05.  Our Volunteer Spotlight series will offer brief Q&A interviews with a selected member of our Boston area community, allowing our hilighted alumnus or alumna to share some of their background as it relates to Boston, reminisice on their time in Hyde Park, and offer some suggestions on places for Alumni in Boston to check out.  Please let our Communciations Chair, Nick Poling, 'AB09 (npoling@gmail.com) if you wish to participate in a future Volunteer Spotlight.  Now, without further ado, our interview with Shalin:
Boston, you’re my home...
What town or Boston neighborhood do you call home?  Sudbury.

How long have you lived in the greater Boston area? I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, so 18 years before heading to Hyde Park. I returned from Chicago in early 2013.

What activity would you recommend to those new to the city? I recommend exploring Boston by foot, whether getting lost in the North End and chancing upon a first-rate bakery, traversing the Mass Ave bridge for a 360 view of Boston AND Cambridge, or walking from the Aquarium to Fan Pier. It’s all a feast for the eyes.  Also, get out. New England is chock full of mid-size cities, quaint towns, and fantastic hiking trails that should appeal to a broad range of interests.

What is your favorite restaurant? That’s easy… O Ya in the Financial District. Walk too fast and you’ll miss it.

What is on your Boston bucket list? A solo sail on the Charles. A tour of the Boston Harbor Islands. A membership to the Boston Athenaeum. A visit to the Fogg and Sackler Museums at Harvard when they reopen Fall 2014. An entire afternoon in the Harvard Bookstore.

What is the last book you read? The Collected Prose of Paul Auster. For all the grad students, Hand to Mouth is a great (if not comforting) essay.

Hyde Park nostalgia...
What house? Wallace, woo hoo!

Where was your favorite place to study on campus? Crerar.
What was your favorite class?  Any class I took while studying abroad in Cape Town.

Who was your favorite professor? Stathis Kalyvas, Political Science.

The Life of the Mind continues...

What’s the last book you read (be honest!)? Truly, Paul Auster!