Boston Scavenger Hunt

Miss those days guzzling Red Bull and staying up four nights in a row for ScavHunt? Fear not, we're here to turn your nostalgia into reality!

Cost: 10.00

As the University of Chicago website states:

Scav Hunt is a BFD. It is fun, it is brilliant, it is deeply U. of C., and it seems to bring out the best in all of us in unexpected ways.

In this spirit, we bring you the Scav Hunt experience right here in Boston. See below for details of this year's Boston Scav:

1. What is Boston Scav?

Boston Scav is a day-long scavenger hunt held at the Gilboy VFW in Somerville, Massachusetts. While the VFW will be our headquarters and many items can be completed on site, the List may also require teams to explore the surrounding neighborhoods of Davis Square, Union Square, Porter Square, Teele Square, and Ball Square. The List will include items that will be clearly understood by non-UChicago alumni and children, so feel free to bring your non-UChicago buddies.

And, worry not, the tenacious shall be rewarded!

First place team: $375 in spending cash for the University of Chicago Press
Second place team: $300 in spending cash for the University of Chicago Press
Third place team: $200 in spending cash for the University of Chicago Press

2. When is Boston Scav?

Boston Scav will be held on Saturday, April 8th, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM.

3. What sort of cool things happen during Boston Scav?

While not as long, extensive, or difficult as the original Scav Hunt, the Boston Scav Hunt will still require you to bring your A game. We will have a mix of items that will help you get better acquainted with various neighborhoods of Somerville, tap into your knowledge of UChicago and greater Boston, and many other items that must be built, performed, written, programmed, drawn, eaten, designed, painted, solved, won, and (sometimes) endured.

4. Are UChicago Alumni the only ones allowed to field Boston Scav teams?

Nope! Bring your family (many items will be child-friendly!), friends, significant others, insignificant others, missed connections, connections you don't miss that much but could help you rack up points, etc. Anyone and everyone. As long as you have 3-5 people working with you, you have a team!

5. How do I register?

If you are signing up as an individual, simply follow the instructions on the registration link.

If you are signing up a team, please register EACH individual. For example, if you are registering a team of 4, change the quantity in checkout to "4" and list each person's name in the "Guest" field.

6. What does it mean to be a Captain?

We ask that every team name at least one Captain to serve as a primary contact. Whenever we have important information to share, it goes to your Captain. Whenever you have an important question to ask, it should come from your Captain. In addition, certain items on the List may apply only to Captains.

7. Who writes the List?

The List is written by the Judges.

Event Contact
Danielle Glazer
Staff Liaison