"I’ve relied heavily upon my network of UChicago peers for friendship, career guidance and life advice. I

t’s really tough moving to a new city, but the one thing that you can always count on is finding a 

UChicago connection to help you with that transition. " - Alicia Callier, Young Alumni Co-Chair


"The UChicago community has allowed me to connect with fellow Maroons in all cities I’ve lived.

I hope to leverage my board experiences from other regional clubs, to bring quality programming

and build a stronger UChicago community in Boston."   - Emily Chen, President


The UChicago Alumni Club has Alumni of the Lab School, College, and Graduate Schools serving as the local board. While formally based in Boston, we serve Maroons and their families throughout New England. In the past, the club has held events in Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut and have partnered with other UChicago alumni organizations. Each month, we meet in to plan events, coordinate activities with the broader UChicago community, and discuss the needs of our New England community. Our current President is Emily Chen.


The Board (as of November 30, 2017)


Alicia CaillierAlicia CaillierYoung Alumni Chair

Alicia joined the Board in 2017 as a Young Alumni co-chair.  Since graduating the College, she has lived 6 cities and two counties. She joined the board because she has found that strong Alumni connections have been helpful to her as a new graduate and wants to invest in our community. Her goal as young alumni chair is to facilitate fun social events for young alums in Boston who are looking to stay connected to UChicago. 


Jason BernJason Bern, Programming Chair

Jason is a Programming co-chair and has been a member of the Boston UChicago club since 2017.


Emily ChenEmily Chen, AB '11 President

Emily is the local club President and has been a Boston board member since 2016. She previously served on the San Francisco and Seattle club boards, where she launched the San Francisco Chapter of the Chicago Economics Society. She has been mentor for the graduate women athletics association (GWAA) and has conducted prospective student interviews for over 5 years. At UChicago she was a member of the Trott Business Program (formerly CCIB) and Varsity Women’s Soccer Team. You can reach her at emilychen@uchicago.edu.


Eric DunbarEric Dunbar, AB '15, Young Alumni Chair

Eric is a Young Alumni co-chair. He  He graduated from the College in 2015 with a double major in Biology and Public Policy. He was very involved with the admissions office all throughout undergrad and has continued that involvement as a leader of the Boston Young Alumni Club.  Eric is currently a 3L at Boston University School of Law,  pursuing intellectual property law, specifically patent litigation, and will be working at a firm in NYC following graduation. He plan on running the 2018 Boston Marathon for Brigham & Women’s Stepping Strong charity team.


Joanna Goldenberg, AB ‘05, Member at Large

Joanna is a Programming co-chair and has been a member of the Boston UChicago club since 2016. After attending many local events, Joanna joined the board as the career chair to help UChicago alumni grow professionally. When Joanna is not organizing alumni events, she works as a project manager in the Biotech industry at Biogen. She loves hiking, swimming, climbing and yoga. You can reach her at joanna.goldenberg@gmail.com. 


Jessica Ehinger, AB '06, President-Emeritus

Jessica has been involved with the UChicago Alumni club since 2015, when she first got involved thanks to Boston alumni Scav Hunt.  She served as a Member-at-Large from 2015-2017. She now serves as Interim President.  At Chicago, she was in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, specializing in Arabic and Islamic Languages, before moving to the UK to pursue a Masters and PhD in Theology at Oxford University.  Jessica has lived in Boston for five years, working in university administration and most recently at Boston University. She can be reached at j.l.ehinger@gmail.com.


Colin FowlerMember at large

Colin is a member at large and has been a member of the Boston UChicago club since 2017.


Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera, AB '97, Interim Communications Chair

Carolina is the interim Communications Chair for the Boston UChicago Alumni Club. She joined the club in 2015, and previously served on boards in San Francisco and Washington. She graduated the college in 1997 with a degree in political science. She received in MA international and development economics from the University of San Francisco in 2007. Most recently she has been a director at the Health Care Cost Institute and at the Center for Health Information and Analysis. Currently, she is pursuing a PHD in Health Services Research at the Boston University School of Public Health. You can reach her at herrera1@bu.edu.


David IjazDavid Ijaz, AB’97, MBA’03, Advisor and Liason to the Booth Alumni Club

David has been a Board member for the Boston UChicago Alumni club since 2015.  He is also President of the Boston Booth Alumni Club. He graduated from the College in 1997 in Economics and from the Booth School of Business in 2003 with emphasis upon Finance. David and his family have over 100 years of connection with the University of Chicago. A strategic executive, David is CEO of Effective Therapeutics, LLC and his personal interests are eclectic encompassing Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Non-Western music, as well as, professional interests in IP Commercialization, Venture Development, and Biotech. David may be reached at david.ijaz@gmail.com and at 617-902-0864.


Alan LangsnerAlan Langsner, MBA '99, Vice President

Alan is a new Board member of the Boston UChicago Alumni club.  He has recruited UChicago MBAs and participated as a guest speaker for the investment

club since graduating with an MBA in 1999. He was inspired to join the Alumni club after reading Dean of Students Jay Ellison's letter to the class of 2020 highlighting

the University's commitment to the free exchange of ideas. Alan has been an investment professional since graduating and is currently the Co-Chief Investment Officer for Sirois Capital Management, a Boston-based hedge fund.  Alan can be  reached at alangsner70@gmail.com.


Kendra Laverty, Althletics Chair

Kendra is the Athletics chair and has been a member of the Boston UChicago club since 2017.


Hilary Leithauser, Programming Chair

Hilary is a Programming co-chair and has been a member of the Boston UChicago club since 2017.


Elizabeth PrestonElizabeth Preston, AB'11, Member at large

Elizabeth joined the board of the UChicago Alumni Club of Boston as a Member at Large in June 2017. After graduating from the College in 2011, Elizabeth stayed in Hyde Park and at one point worked for the University. The Boston alumni club has helped her continue to feel connected to the school despite the distance, and she hopes to help continue growing the alumni network as a way to keep others engaged and to provide resources and support for the UChicago community. Elizabeth is the Continuous Improvement Project Manager at Cognex Corporation, and in her free time she cooks, explores the city, and hangs out with her cat.


Sarah YuSarah Yu, AB’12, Programming Chair

Sarah joined the Boston UChicago Alumni Club as a Member-at-Large in 2017. She graduated from the College in 2012 with a degree in economics. Sarah helped start the Emerging Minds Project, an intergroup dialogue program for College students to engage in conversation about diversity and social justice. After graduating, Sarah stayed involved with the UChicago community as a college admissions interviewer and externship program reader through the Alumni School Committee.

Sarah is pursuing her MBA at Harvard Business School after working in finance and private equity. In her spare time, she enjoys balancing her various interests in culinary experiences with nutrition and fitness. Sarah may be reached at syu2012@gmail.com.  


Our Liason to the University

Tanya L. Hickson

Tanya is the Associate Director, Global Engagement for the University of Chicago Alumni Association. She joined UChicago in 2017. 

Any questions? Want to join the board? Please let Jessica know!  We are actively seeking board members based throughout Massachusetts and New England